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Write in Lebanese with a phonetic keyboard

Kelme proposes a modern Lebanese keyboard that is intuitive and accessible to native and non-native speakers. The keyboard's alphabet is based on the Latin script and is Unicode-compliant, making it easy to use on the internet and computer technology. The proposed Lebanese alphabet is more accurate in representing the sounds of the Lebanese language, allowing users to communicate more effectively with others. 

Article | Kelme - Standardization of language and creation of a collective memory

They deem it made them feel as if their day-to-day language – which includes the use of foreign terms (not with the purpose of “straying away from Arabic,” but because they have become a part of the language and are more natural for speakers) – is corrupt and “wrong” to use. This sense of humiliation leads the Lebanese to feel inferior to and judged by those who think that this is their way of distancing themselves from the Arab world and drawing closer to the Western world in a bid to keep up with the times...

Article | Our National Spoken Vernacular Deserves to Become an Official Written Language 

Lebanon, which prides itself on its multilingualism, has a paradoxical peculiarity. One that I call “Language-shaming”. Although code-switching is an inherent characteristic of the daily life of the Lebanese, it is also a perennial point of contention. Whatever language a person uses, there would always be another person condescendingly criticizing their language choices: annoyed remarks about the use of a foreign language instead of “ƹarabe” (implying “Lebanese,” unwittingly)....

Our goal is to empower Lebanese Writers Worldwide.

Kelme is a team of Lebanese enthusiasts from various domains who are creating tools to enable the Lebanese-speaking community worldwide to express themselves straightforwardly. After years of research, brainstorming, and surveying, we have created a modern Lebanese alphabet comprising 35 letters reflecting the sounds of our most common vernacular. The Lebanese keyboard app is currently available on the App Store and PlayStore. The keyboard is being used by individuals online, gradually replacing other writing systems. It is also serving as an essential tool for the Lebanese diaspora in preserving their language and ability to write and read in it. In addition, a growing collection of books and art is created using our writing system.

The Kelme team and its collaborators are constantly adding new articles about the Lebanese language and researching Lebanese literature written in various writing systems. We currently have a growing inventory of books written in Lebanese and several book reviews. We aim to empower Lebanese writers and readers worldwide to write in their mother tongue by providing convenient tools and resources. You can also follow us on social media (X, Facebook, and Instagram) for updates, polls, and more quick facts about our project.